Thursday, April 23, 2009

Band Names

You ever hear or think of a word or phrase that would be a good name for a band? No? Well, I do. I thought I would record them here when I discover them for everyone to comment on/enjoy/tell me they sound awful. Also, if you would like to contribute, go ahead. If I like them enough, I'll put your name by them.

Here you go:

Third Story Window - I picture them like a Matchbox 20 or even possibly a country crossover band

Red Planet Holiday - Maybe like a Snow Patrol or Hellogoodbye-esque band

Chain Linked Vigilante - Not really sure; sounds more like an album

Resonant Resident or Resident Resonant - not my favorite; also not which sounds better

Jesus Chrysler Super Car - Submitted by Andrew Norris

Oreo Speedwagon - Submitted by Andrew Norris

Wisteria Landing - Not sure what they would sound like. Pretty versatile sounding in my opinion.

Toxic Llama - This was the first band name that I really came up with. My sister reminded me of it yesterday. Thank you Catherine Ann.

Reeking Havoc - Submitted by Kelsey Lewis. She says its a "Grind-core" type band which Im not really sure what that means. Also, I would like to point out that the word "reeking" is used rather than "wreaking" which I think is pretty awesome.

Pioneers of the Nile - inspired by one of the losers of the Kentucky Derby.

I'll post more as I hear them. I know that I have more now but can't think of any right now.

Very cool update: A friend of mine has expressed interest in using one of these names as his own band's name. I'll let you know which one if he goes through with it.

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