Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Big Announcement...

So earlier today I alluded to an announcement about a feature that I will be adding to my blog. Starting tomorrow (at some point - could be morning, could be late at night) I will be posting a weekly thing I like to call "Flavor of the Week" every Wednesday.

What this will allow you - as a reader - to do is to see just what I do when I have some down time. My goal is to post 3 things every week:
  1. A website that I frequent and want everyone else to enjoy.
  2. Something consisting of pictures/video/etc
  3. A real-life feature (book, movie, something else not online)
I hope you all enjoy this. These are things that I love and hope you will too. I'm happy to accept recommendations for sites since I may run out of them.

By the way, for a definition on the term "Flavor of the Week" you can see it here.

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