Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flavor of the Week (July 15, 2009)

Welcome to the first ever Flavor of the Week! If you were up last night, you read that I was premiering this little gem today. You may ask, "Bill what wonderful flavors do you have for me today?" My response - "Scroll down and see."

Leave me some feedback. And enjoy!


Weekly Website Flavor:

Broken Picture Telephone

I found this website maybe 3 weeks ago. I think its great. Its a simple concept whose motto is "The Game of Miscommunication". Remember playing Telephone when you were little? Picture playing that same game except with post-it notes and drawings. What happens is that you are given either a prompt or a drawing and depending on whichever you are given, you either draw the prompt or describe the drawing in words. After a day or so you will receive an email saying your session is complete. Hilarity will ensue due to the fact that NO ONE can draw on the computer. My favorite game that I participated in started off with the prompt "A musical scale" and ended with a drawing describes as "Vampire ice cube kills third victim." Check it out. Its a good time waster.

Click here to enjoy Broken Picture Telephone


Weekly VidPic Flavor:

World Beard and Mustache Competition

Here are results of the recent world Bear
d and Mustache Competition. Sadly, the man who made his facial hair into a suspension bridge did not win this year. The last two pictures are second and first place finishers respectively.


Weekly All Natural Flavor:

Water For Elephants by Sarah Gruen

Read this book. Now. So far this summer I've read five books and this is the one that constantly jumps into my mind. Its about a veterinarian who joins a failing circus by accident. It gets complicated as you dive deeper into the lies and backstories of truly distinct and life-like characters. As I read it, I laughed, I was enraged, I was shocked. This book is one of the best stories I have read in years. Its one of those you read and then want to tell people about it. I strongly recommend this to everyone. There are a few scenes that are a little hard to swallow though, so don't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. funny beards! awesome post man!